Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Men have the right to be vain, too!

In our not-so-sexist society, it has been an acceptable norm that women are entitled to vanity. They are allowed to apply as many different kinds of facial wash as they want to. However, when men enter the world of vanity they are judged as being so gay unless you are an actor.

Vanity does not merely mean that you’re being gay. It’s a means of taking good care of your manly beauty. So boys, worry no more because you are entitled to be vain because you have the right to take good care of yourself particularly your face. Who knows your Cinderella is coming your way! You would not want her to see you haggard as a cow.

Here are some tips for you, Dude:

Shave regularly. At times, five o’clock shadow is attracting as it connotes mystery and intrigue. For some it is more masculine to grow beard. However, it becomes a disaster often times. It would be better to maintain a clean-shaved face.

Pamper your nails. Once in a while you’ll have to visit a salon in order for your nails to be manicured. It’s neater and more presentable to apply colorless nail polish.

Do not be afraid to use moisturizer. Like women’s skin, yours also need to be moisturized to keep it healthy. No gender is excused of having wrinkles.

Use facial cleansers instead of soap. Facial cleansers also make your skin healthier. Using soap for the face is discouraged as its ingredients are stronger when compared to cleanser. You’ll have fewer breakouts if you’ll start using facial cleansers.

Concealer is not exclusively made for women. If you have imperfections like pimples and blackheads then you may apply concealer to hide them.

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